THANK YOU GOD for saving my life!! I contacted Dr. Mark Shaw for guidance on how to implement the BE TRANSFORMED Biblical Discipleship Curriculum at Worthy Women Transformation. Mark then invited me onto his podcast to share my testimony and about Worthy Women Transformation. I found out last Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. and we recorded it Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. A resident asked me how many cups of coffee I had drank. Half a cup when Mark and Kirby and I started chatting. Something happens in me when I think about how Jesus saved me, I get excited!

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Worthy Women Transformation is humbled to be on the Addiction Connection Residential Programs List


What a wonderful open house we had Saturday! So much love and gratitude for what the Lord has done, and so many new friends who have not seen the home before. Please consider supporting Worthy Women Transformation. We’ve received four phone calls in the last week and a half asking us for help. Will you consider a monthly gift to help us afford the staff that we need. Even $10 or $20 a month helps. WWT is a 501c3 so every donation is tax deductible even if you choose to give one time only. Help us make a difference in the lives of our residents by giving here. Thank you. For more photos click here.

THANK YOU Qubit Networks for our NEW FREEZER!!!! The Lord IS always faithful!


THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR SPONSORS: Phoenix Glass Service, Wire-Tech, Blake Insurance, Hawkins Print Shop, Horizon Bank, Jimmy John’s La Porte, A Positive Approach to Teen Health-P.A.T.H., New Age Telecom, Duct Crew Air Duct Cleaning, Attorney Cliff Robinson, State Farm Insurance/Jim Eriksson, Find Your Shine Vehicle Detailing & Coatings, BJ’s Lockshop, and LogoMe Plus Cheryl Seitz.

The Lord did bless us with $44,000 of our $50,000 goal that we set in mid-January. That is all God!  I want to thank Phoenix Glass Service for Sponsoring the Event, Tim Havens and La Porte Jimmy John’s for donating over $200 in gift Cards, even stopping his mopping to do so, AND Casey’s Lanes for treating us like family!! THANK YOU to our volunteers, Tracy Kling and Sommer Griffin for giving up their Saturday to help. Titus Walker won best effort, BJ’s Lockshop won Team High Score and Tyler Wickersham won individual high score. If you want to support our ministry to set women free from addiction, please CLICK HERE.
WWT is a 501c3 non-profit, donor funded ministry.
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Medication doesn’t fix the heart or change it; my heart changed when it felt loved, I found it in the bible.  After 26 years, I still am in awe of how different I am (well, most days).  I believe Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, lived sinless,  died, was buried, and rose to new life.  That God ordained this great plan for us to be saved and forgiven, AND to put His Holy Spirit in us when we confess that we are sinners, repent, and believe in and unto Jesus, overwhelms me still.  I want for every lady at WWT to surrender to Jesus because she needs JESUS, nothing else will ever satisfy or save a hurting soul.

I do not believe (and never have) that addiction is a disease.  I very well understand that sometimes medicine is necessary; after 18 years of working with women, at a female juvenile facility, and a men’s prison, and 20 years volunteering in jails and prisons, I am convinced that over-medicating is a serious problem.

KROGER SHOPPERS, PLEASE help us raise much needed funding: SIMPLY go to and sign into your account or create one, then go to the account, then community rewards, and enter GP040 (our code) to link your card to Worthy Women Transformation. WWT receives a quarterly check from Kroger because you use your Kroger Card. IT costs you nothing, and helps Worthy Women! Thank you for making time for

Worthy Women Transformation Valentine's Day 2024 - Transformed Love

Set of 4 original note cards; blank on the inside. Photographed by Sonshine. Scenes from Sedona AZ, Elizabethtown, KY, Globe AZ, and Pentress, WV. $14.00 includes shipping and handling.

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